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lmao is that an anonymous mask on his head

Lol of course it is 😛

Nah but for reals, it’s a pic from the million mask march in London.

It’s true what he says though – there is no subject position from which it’s ok to talk about inequality – if you’re poor you are doing it out of jealously, if you’re not poor you’re doing it out of guilt/saviour complex, if you are young it’s just a phase, if you’re old you are hankering for times long gone and trying to recapture your youth, if you’re not well educated you just don’t understand the complexity of the situation, if you are well educated you’re in an academic bubble divorced from reality, if your politically apathetic you’re not allowed to complain, if you’re politically active you’re just trying to push your own sectarian agenda…

For every possible type of person there’s an established reason why your opinions on inequality are invalid. That’s not an accident.







So, when I was doing my thesis on whether or not fanfiction should be considered a legitimate genre of literature, my advising professor asked me for examples.  I gave him the generic ones, of course – “Pride & Prejudice and Zombies” is a horror fanfic of “Pride & Prejudice”, “50 Shades of Grey” is an erotica fic of “Twilight" – and that seemed to make him understand what fanfiction is, but not how it’s useful.  So I thought about it, and, after about a minute, I said, “Paradise Lost is basically a fanfiction of the Book of Genesis.  And The Divine Comedy is an epic self-insertion fic for Catholic doctrine.  So, basically, you were teaching us fanfiction last semester.”  I had never before seen a grown man’s eyes widen with such fear, incomprehension, disgust, awe, and understanding.

#does that mean the renaissance was almost entirely fan art?

Yes. Yes it does. All ur classic favs had the Renaissance version of DeviantArt. 

l i s t e n

Fun addition to this post – the Brontë sisters wrote RPF [x].

Not sure the DeviantArt comparison works tho.

There’s a big difference between you putting Marvel fanart on your DeviantArt page, hoping it’ll sell, and Marvel, the company, hiring you to produce promotional art for their upcoming film.

Biblical Rennaisance art was typically more like the latter. It was commissioned by the church, or by high ranking members of the church, using church funds. The church dictated the subject matter, not the artist.

the church gave prompts and paid commission

the artists mostly still found ways to make it unsubtle gay erotica

Actually, the Church commissioned the lucky few who got to bnf on the commercial side of the artworld. There would have been a lot more artists commissioned privately, whose works are lost in time, artists who added private sketches on the margins of their actual paid work. Loads would be doing their biblical artwork unpaid, practicing, developing their skills, for fun during the down times, doodling in coal or chalk or a stick on some plaster wall for the amusement of their close friends. The church commissioned bnf pieces are just those that survived hundreds of years with their provenance intact.


“The Brontë sisters were writing RPF. They really did. About Wellington. They might not have been writing, as far as we are aware, anything particularly erotic, but they were imagining him and other personages—famous personages of their era, outside of the context of what they knew, outside of the news reports, they were writing about their home lives, writing about battles, writing about other things. And making things up! Which, yeah, it’s not new. It never has been a new thing to do.”

— Evan Hayles Gledhill on how RPF is hardly a new trend in Fansplaining Episode 10
(via fansplaining)


Spider-Man/Deadpool #41

How to Be a Holiday Supper Hero


Deadpool is here to put the “fun” back in “dysfunctional.”


Deadpool’s persistence to be in Good Housekeeping
was impressive — initially we had no idea who he was, let alone that he
was a fan of the magazine. But after repeated attempts to ignore his…
passion… we came to a compromise. He could appear in one issue, if he
promised to stop leaving care packages at our editors’ homes and agreed
to maintain a 50-foot distance from the Good Housekeeping offices and our staff.

Now, please enjoy the fruits of his labor…


A Wade with Words: Deadpool’s Holiday Letter


Dear readers, skimmers and those who generally only look at the pictures:

When Good Housekeeping called
and asked me to be a contributor to their holiday issue, I was
completely shocked and flattered. I’m a HUUUUGE fan. It’s always been a
dream of mine to visit the Good Housekeeping Mansion and bathe in their
infamous grotto. But unlike most men, I read Good Housekeeping for the articles.

There was no time to waste. I immediately jumped off my show pony, kissed my agent, Bernie, and grabbed my ink quill.

case you weren’t aware, I %$#*ing LOVE the holidays, and not in the
“like a friend” way either…. I love the holidays the same way I love
stuffing a turkey…using the two most important ingredients of all:
heavy eye contact and lust.

that bewitching time of year when we can reflect on the last 11 months,
using Christmas cards from friends and family as a comparable gauge for
our own levels of happiness. Stephanie and Adam went to Palm
Springs…Janet finally got her GED… Uncle Kevin drank a gallon of
sangria, took off all his clothes and walked into the ocean forever.

But whether your yuletide memories are of gorging on nuts and creamy clams (see my holiday recipes), getting your tongue stuck to a flagpole or simply watching Papa Pool carve some perfectly plump poultry in order to give everyone the bird, there is no denying that the holidays are the most wonderful time of year.

sit back, grab a mug of cocoa and cozy up in your favorite chair — it’s
time for this naughty little stocking stuffer to unleash his holiday


Giving Your Family the Bird: How to Carve a Turkey

Merry Holidays, Happy Housewives and Housemen. Follow these six simple steps for perfect poultry portions.


Deadpool here to talk turkey. Specifically, how to properly slice up
your delicious oven-baked bird to ensure a fun and festive family feast.


1 – 
To start, make sure your bird is well-rested. A good 20-minute nap
should be enough to evenly distribute Mr. Waddle’s juices. Otherwise,
you’ll get fluids everywhere.


2 – 
With its roasted rear toward you, hold the drumstick and slice the skin on the inside of the thigh — exposing the leg joint. Apply
light pressure until you hear a “pop” and cut between the joint —
ensuring your bird has limited mobility on the off chance of a zombie
turkey apocalypse.


3 – 
Hold the removed ‘thleg’ (connected thigh ‘n’ leg piece) drumstick up
and with the precision of an Olympic figure skater, bring your
kitchen steel through the back of the knee joint — separating the
drumstick from the thigh. Now go for the gold and do it again on the
other side. Or maybe your partner can do one while you do the other, all
synchronized-like (see figure skaters).


4 – 
By now your turkey’s torso should resemble “middle-of-the-movie”
Lieutenant Dan, which means it’s time to clip your beautiful bird’s
wings like a Pegasus at the glue factory. So, just like we did before,
find the wing joint, pop it — slice, separate and BAM! Nice work, Emeril
— enjoy your wings and drumettes.  


5 – 
Next, after asking permission, gently feel around the top of your bird
until you find the keel bone in the middle of your turkey’s topside. Cut
along the side of it, making long shallow slices, and follow the curve
of the rib cage as your other hand gently pulls away the breast meat.


6 – 
Finally, with your beautiful breasts set gently on the cutting board,
we’re going to carefully slice them against the grain, so that everyone
gets a bite of that deliciously crispy George Hamilton-colored skin.  


D’s Spiced Nuts

A hearty and healthy holiday snack that’s so tantalizing, you might just gobble up a whole sack of them by yourself.


  • 1 Tbsp egg white (1⁄2 lg. egg white)
  • 1 tsp kosher salt 
  • 1⁄4 cup pure

    maple syrup 

  • 1 Tbsp unsalted

    butter, melted and slightly cooled

  • 1 tsp ground 


  • 1 tsp coarsely ground 

    black pepper

  • 8 oz (2 cups) raw pecan halves


  1. To
    get started, center your rack in the oven and get it nice and hot,
    325°F to be exact. In a midsize bowl, whisk egg white with 1 teaspoon
    salt until it’s as frothy and light as Sophia Petrillo with a poodle
  2. Demonstrating your firm, no-nonsense Carrie Bradshaw-like
    determination, whisk in the maple syrup, melted butter, cinnamon and
    pepper; then stir in the pecans with a heatproof spatula.
  3. Next,
    spread that magically sweet ‘n’ savory nut concoction evenly across a
    rimmed baking sheet before sliding it into your E-Z Bake for 15 to 20
    minutes, stirring once or twice until your nuts are perfectly glazed and
  4. Once time’s up, remove the baking sheet and let your
    toasty treats cool off for roughly 5 minutes. Stir with a spatula and
    continue to rest another 5 to 10 minutes, ensuring they have the
    appropriate time to cool down for proper handling. And don’t let your
    dishwasher clean that spatula. Your tongue is aching for the chance.
    That’s it. Oh, it’s that easy. Easy like a Sunday morning. Because with a
    recipe this simple, one might say that there’s nut-in to it.

Creamy Clam Skinny Dip

Enjoy the tangy, smooth taste of a creamy clam dip that will leave your guests begging for more.


  • 1 8-oz package light cream cheese, at room temp.
  • 1 6.5-oz can of minced clams, drained and juice reserved (chop any large pieces finely)
  • 2 green onions, white and green parts finely chopped
  • 1⁄2 lemon, juiced
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce


  1. In
    a bowl that would fit Cousin Oliver’s head for his weekly haircut, use a
    fork to mash the cream cheese until it’s as white, soft and creamy as a
    shirtless albino clown in a Jazzercise class.
  2. Next, slowly add
    in 1 tablespoon of clam juice while mixing everything with the fork and
    saying “Michael Fassbender” 3 times slowly. Add lemon juice and
    Worcestershire sauce.
  3. Now for the moment you’ve been working up
    to. Let’s slow things down a bit; add in your chopped green onions, then
    gently slide those silky clams right in there. That’s right, just mix
    it all together — using your hips to really stimulate all the
    ingredients. If you feel your creamy concoction is a touch too thick for
    your liking, just add a little more clam juice (in 1-tablespoon
    increments) to soften things up for the perfect mouthfeel.
  4. Serve
    with pretzel rods or, if you’ve been disappointed too many times by a
    doughy stiff one, you can always go with a hearty chip — it’s OK, I
    won’t tell. Just remember, don’t be shellfish and your guests will all
    be happy as clams.